Tools we Offer


Here at the Caboose we give you the room to access your own wisdom and collaborate with you on how to stay on track.

We have strategies (we like to call them tools) that we explore together to help parents navigate those difficult moments we all experience from time to time. The tools that we use are of high quality, clean and developmentally appropriate.

We gifts parents/carers in specific approaches that build on the child’s regulatory skills, having the child reach a better understanding of themselves. 

Frequent outbursts, inability to cope effectively

Does this sound familiar?

We help parents to teach their children skills to help them control their behaviour.

  • Children have the ability to recognise and communicate how they are feeling.
  • Children become more aware of how others perceive them when they are regulated VERSUS less regulated.
  • Children gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they need to do to remain in control.

Regulation Cards - A Calm and Positive Approach in Managing Difficult Behaviour.

Get in touch for your set of unique cards.

Caboose Parenting Tools

Here at the Caboose we give you the room to access your own wisdom and collaborate with you on how to stay on the right track.

Parents will:

  1. Check in to ensure their child is well equipped to manage themselves in all situations, in supporting them on their little journeys in life.
  2. Check in to support transitional periods in their child’s life
  3. Check in to develop and explore more tools to manage their child’s struggles

This programme helps parents develop specific approaches that build regulatory skills:

  1. Parents can help the child develop strategies for staying calmly focused and alert
  2. Parents can help enhance their child’s ability to communicate his/her emotional needs
  3. Parents can help expand his/her emotional range
  4. Parents can help the child to become mindful of his or her own arousal states

Caboose Play Tools


We provide children with a number of creative mediums through which to explore their inner world. Here are a few examples of what we use:

  • Creative Visualisation
  • Art
  • Sand tray
  • Storytelling
  • Movement
  • Puppets and role play
  • Masks
  • Clay