Welcome to the Caboose, a Calm and Positive Approach to parenting in the Weald of Kent.

Caboose – (noun) Definition of caboose
A small carriage attached to the back of a freight train which house the train crew as a look out for damaged tracks, loose cargo and ensure the train does not over heat, as it carries on its journey to its destination.

My metaphor of Caboose – I am the safe place, i hope to help you reach your destination and keep you on track.

I am here to help your child achieve happiness and success by looking out for signs of overheating so that they remain on track to develop emotional well being. 

I do this by drawing on over 15 years experience as a professional Nanny for children of all ages. I have worked in schools to help children develop the skills and resilience that they need to manage the obstacles blocking their tracks.

Whether your child is struggling at school or home, struggling in social situations or is having problems exercising self control, I can help you and your child through the parent and child support programmes that I offer.

Some parents and carers might delay seeking help, they may feel worry that they maybe blamed for their child’s behaviour. We can often feel we have reached CROSSROADS. Consultations can take place at a location of your choice, they provide a fun and informative programme for parents who want to CHECK IN on their parent-child journey. We may just need to make a few STOPS to reach the final DESTINATION.

This programme has been successful to help parents become more mindful of their own arousal states and help them develop their own self regulatory strategies so the parent- child relationship is reignited… Remember you are important too.

A little bit about me...

My name is Alexa Craven and I have had experience working with families for 15 years both in the UK and overseas.

I have helped children of all ages with the struggles that they have, big and small and enabled them to form closer bonds with their families and friends. I also have experience working with children with mild to moderate needs helping them cope and process difficult life challenges.

Through the programmes that I offer, parents develop strategies to ensure that they can better understand their child’s needs and form closer, more secure bonds with them.

I am passionate about children and have dedicated my professional life to helping and equipping children with the skills that they need to be on track to positive well being.